Happy Easter


To those who celebrate it.

Christmas has always spoken more to my pagan soul than Easter has, though I find the ideas embodied in a story of submission, punishment and resurrection intriguing. I’ve never felt Easter, but that doesn’t mean objectively I can’t see the point, especially today, when it looks sunny and bright outside but it’s colder than a mofo. This week it just turned cold and wet and awful again, and only the fact that it’s now light past 6 p.m. has kept me from crawling back into bed and staying there until it got warm.

But it is bright out, and the trees are budding despite the February temps, and the green grass is poking through. Spring’s fighting it, fighting the urge to go back to sleep, to give up, to say fuck this I’m tired. Spring’s pushing harder, and I can appreciate that kind of persistence in a holiday, so I’m off this afternoon to eat ham and steal my little brother’s marshmallow eggs.

Happy Bunny Day.


4 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. Happy Bunny Day to you, too A (and co.!)!!!
    Despite my bush*te parents, I am going over to be with them today. I would say ‘celebrate’, but Ostara was a couple of weeks back and they don’t officially know about my Witchiness (though, I think they have a clue). A couple of years ago, I spent the Easter weekend in New Orleans and despite a bum foot, I had a great time…I wish I was there now. But, since I can’t, at least I have swayed the family Easter Sunday dining experience choice to a Cajun-esque place. So, in lieu of hiding eggs, I told my mom I will happily hide a hurricane beverage in my tummy. 😉 Add some crawfish and shrimp, oh yeah! Also, I made a cake that looks like a very large Peeps chick, in honor of my dad that loves the things.
    Bright blessings for peace and prosperity!

  2. I wonder why Christmas, celebrating the birth of a wonderful baby, falls right after the winter solstice, when it is just becoming evident that the ever shortening daylight hours are at an end, and a new year is coming once again.
    I also wonder why Easter, celebrating the resurrection of a wonderful man, falls right after the vernal equinox, when it is apparent that the cold, dreary days of winter are just about gone for another year.
    Anyway, Happy Easter everyone.

  3. Bright Blessings to you and your family, A.
    This is a tough Easter for a lot of us. Many of my tears on Saturday were for your loss, others for a shadow within my own family. May you have Joe’s high-jinxiness with you everywhere.
    The snows of Winter retreat behind you.
    The blooms of Spring will take their place.
    May the Spirit of the Earth embrace you
    While your Kidz bounce up and kiss you face.
    Momma Earth loves you much.

  4. since i learned the catholics just put Xmas in winter to coax the pagans, i wonder about the same with easter, and why does it keep chaging times? and why is our lord rebord and killed each year? and where is the 10 commandments movie?
    easter was just a clean house for a change and hunt for the easter eggs the cats stole in the night. hidden by theft. at night they were put in the baskets on the dinningroom table and every year, the 2 cats would roll them away and nibble til they hit yoke. you’d think they would figure it out by the first egg. this was always the best part of easter i remember. even better than the yearly slinky.

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