3 thoughts on “Imus suspended

  1. Of course talking about killing millions of Muslims still gets you a pass on ABC/Disney radio. Thanks KSFO for lowering the bar so low that no one can run afoul of your regulations.
    Maybe Imus should move to ABC Radio Disney! They’ll let just about anything slid!

  2. Ralph Reed and Karl Rove thought their mentor Lee Atwater made a critical mistake they wanted to undo and that was Atwater’s “big tent.”
    They assured their embedded editors and pundits that they would roll back affirmative action and bring racism back into vogue. The elite pundit class believed them.
    For the past six years steady progress has been made and racism has been tolerated in the White House, Congress, in businesses and in the media. So, the elite pundit class is shocked by current events and can’t believe Reed and Rove let them down.
    I’m glad the American conscience has finally reawakened at least to some degree.

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