4 thoughts on “Civility

  1. civility is the rock covering all the nasty shit under the rock. seems bloggers like us potty mouth cocksuckers are the bare earth. weeds and all. god knows what’s hiding under those civil rocks.
    ntodd. i gotta visit more often.

  2. Makes me nostalgic for my days in the Navy. Communication would not be possible between shipmates unless 40% of your message wasn’t as salty as the sea.
    Now, as a former Navy Radioman, I can tell you first hand that none of that rich and vibrant profanity made it to the airwaves. (statistically, there’s always some stupid seaman recruit somewhere tossing a ‘shit’ or ‘fuck’ out there as he’s trying to cue up a secure satellite phone)
    People can figure out when a good cuss word is apropos or not. I think the reason many of these words are so prevalent is not their boorishness, but that they seem to convey the proper context of what we are trying to communicate. With the status of the world today, tell me which words can convey a better description? They seem to fit in just the right way at just the right time.
    Also, I feel as though those who try to rein in Saxon (a Pagan reference to the use of colorful language – h/t to Chris of Gaia Consort) do so out of a need to be above that sort of thing, to distinguish themselves as a side of the room that’s more enlightened then the rest.
    Fuck that!

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