11 thoughts on “Kitty Video Blogging

  1. Scout, that’s wonderful. You just made me smile for the first time on a supremely bad day. Not only is your tiny lead actor a born star, but your video-editing skills are admirable as well. It’s great to see you and Willie B. having so much fun together. More, please! Pretty please!
    Peace, V.

  2. Love when they are in the reckless kitten stage.
    don’t know if I should mention the name of the product. But love the cat toy you’re using. A lousy piece of wire with a couple of pieces of cardboard at the end – but it can drive even the most sedate cat in the world into abject, reckless play mode.

  3. Oh, Scout.
    Don’t you know that “Sing, Sing, Sing” is a Louis Prima tune? And Louis Prima is from New Orleans! Just like Willie B!
    When can I come pet your cute kitten? He’s just adorable.

  4. Jude…I learn something new every day as they say. “Sort of” fell into that New Orleans connection.
    Next video will have some Prima

  5. I’ve watched this stupid video about 10 times since last night.
    I laugh every time.

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