Veto mileage?

Atrios culls this point from Swampland comments regarding DoD Secretary Gates’ anger at the leak of the troop extension announcement…

The deployment extension was likely supposed to be
announced after Bush had vetoed the Democrats’ spending bill so that he
could try to claim it was their fault.

I was thinking along these lines regarding my post yesterday on Walter Isaacson saying that Bush “understands” the hardship the 10% FEMA match was placing on Gulf Coast recovery and that he would “probably” drop it. Yesterday I asked what is Bush waiting for…the veto? I was thinking in procedural terms but also that Bush could then lay blame on the Dems for delaying rebuilding. Of course Bush would have to be quite bad to make that claim as the fact is he could have dropped the FEMA match long ago.

But as Atrios said…This is not a good man.

2 thoughts on “Veto mileage?

  1. Thanks Scout. I had been wondering about why the announcement after Shrub had been so fastiduously trying to tie troop extenstions to the lack of funding by the Democrats.
    Wish I know who made the leak – by showing the liar in the midst of his lies, he did the country a service.

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