Friday Ferretblogging: Fox Edition

Fox decided this week that he needed to get in on the sick action, too, so he promptly turned up with a tumor that had to be removed on Wednesday night. He spent yesterday in the animal hospital, but he’s home today with a hopeful prognosis, accompanied by four types of medication and a seriously pissy attitude. We’ve been instructed to give him no treats at all so as not to upset his stomach, but he’s sure, if he wanders around the floor long enough, he’ll find one:


10 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging: Fox Edition

  1. now see, if you had a parrot, the parrot would have thrown food on the floor for him to find.
    It takes an ecosystem
    Good luck on his continued recovery. I’ll be keeping you guys in my thoughts

  2. Jeez A, are you spending all your time (and money) at the animal hospital? I hope this is the end of the sick animal adventures for you.

  3. Sorry guys about the sudden problems you have had to deal with, and for the loss of Joey. We hope for the best for Fox.

  4. I nominate Stripe for head of the Wold Bank. Honestly, check out their web site’s Department of Institutional Integrity. You can even report afraud and abuse to:
    Perhaps Scout could use this as a potential avenue against the ongoing NOLA corruption.
    If First Draft doesn’t get to this first, The Onion will!

  5. Good luck to Fox! My vet has a college fund for her children that will put them through Harvard, and it’s all from me. Not that I mind. She’s a saint–worth every penny and then some.
    And I’m all for Stripe as head of the World Bank. At least his nepotism would get some good people in there. And he’d raise morale there dramatically! Who wouldn’t want to work for a ferret?

  6. Hourly naps? Oooo! Oooo! Pick me! Please, keep a spot open for me!
    I hope Fox is feeling better and stays well.

  7. Oh, no! I hope it’s not anything serious. He sure looks fine and healthy! Cute as hell, too!

  8. hmm. my first male seems to get sympathetic ‘tumors’ when his sister/companion tabby got tumors that had to be surgically removed when she was 15. they disappeared after she came home. she lived to about 18, so it was worth the $.
    whiskers made it to 21 or so. they were the best cats ever.
    hope fox recovers. fingers crossed.

  9. Darn! You guys have been through the mill lately. Sending good thoughts . sending good thoughts. . .

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