I Love Cleolinda

Jesus I do:

Violent movies and videogames do not make people violent. Violent people are attracted to violent media. Of course, so are many of the rest of us, just for different reasons. I ended up watching The Matrix about 46,000 times–at one point on a three-day loop–for the book, and I shot nobody. If you want to talk about warning signs, don’t look at the kid’s taste in movies or his literary output–look at those two things in the context of his real-life behavior, which was already disturbing his teachers and classmates. Stephen King? A folksy, personable guy in real life. Quentin Tarantino? Full of energy and enthusiasm. Consequently, no one expects them to go on shooting rampages. The bitter, stalkative kid who won’t even speak when spoken to, who also writes about bloody murder sprees? For God’s sake, keep an eye on him.

UK’ers, buy her book.


3 thoughts on “I Love Cleolinda

  1. of course that would be a DUH!
    but then politicians and not reality people get involved and gosh darn the nuts ‘rights’ to be a nut. and we can’t STIGMATIZE the nut.
    we do have institutions for a reason. or we used to have them before ronnie raygun.
    it’s like smokers who think it’s their RIGHT to be able to pollute OUR air.
    no, you have shown yourself to be a bad human, you have to be locked up now. and by these standards of mine, rush lamebaugh will be exterminated like the human roach he is.
    BAH, i can only dream.

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