Your President Speaks!

Today, during a mini-presser with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso.

What The Bill Has Got

I am about to veto a bill that has got artificial timetables for withdrawal. That’s not the only bad thing about the bill. It also imposes the judgment of people here in Washington on our military commanders and diplomats.

There’s A Lot Of Democrats

I believe there’s a lot of Democrats that understand that we need to get the money to the troops as soon as possible.

Don’t Hold Us To Hostage!

Our intention, of course, is to have a defense system that prevents rogue regimes from holding Western Europe, and/or America, to hostage.

My Hopes Is

My hopes, of course, is that the foreign minister would see the resolve of our government, through Condi, to continue to rally the world to convince the Iranians to give up their nuclear weapons ambitions.

Self-Correcting Jackass

I happen to believe a significant threat to world peace, today and in the future, is the Iranian threat if they were to end up with a nuclear weapon — “today” is the wrong word — “in the future,” they don’t have a weapon today.

Amongst Our Weaponry Are Such Diverse Elements As…

We believe that ethanol and biodiesel, the spread of ethanol and biodiesel are — the goal of spreading ethanol and biodiesel is achievable, that’s what we believe.

A Lot Of Area

So we’ve got a lot of common ground and a lot of area to work on.

Holy Crap!

As I reminded the people around the conference table today, the United States could shut down our economy and emit no greenhouse gases, and all it would take is for China in about 18 months to produce as much as we had been producing to make up the difference about what we reduced our greenhouse gases to.

It’s Got Global Consequences

So this is a very important issue; it’s got global consequences.

The Good News Is Recognize Technology

The good news is, is that we recognize there’s a problem. The good news is recognize technology is going to lead to solutions, and that we’re willing to share those technologies.

2 thoughts on “Your President Speaks!

  1. What is Bush saying? If a space ray destroyed the United States then the Chinese would still produce roughly 1/6 the greenhouse gases as the US on a per-capita basis? That’s a good point…for the Chinese.

  2. As has been abundantly established, what Bush “believes” bears no relation to anything that actually exists in the real world. Witness his statements here about the Iranian threat. I wonder if he thinks that his saying something automatically makes it true.

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