Look us in the eye

It was billed as an “address to the nation” by Bush. As I watched I was having trouble making sense of why he kept looking around the room, one side and then another, rather than into the camera.




I was wondering who the heck was in the room?
Who was he addressing?


That’s right…the photographers.

It’s a small thing yet again it speaks volumes.It was as though he couldn’t look the American people in the eye.

At least when LBJ addressed the nation on Vietnam it looked like this…


He looked us in the eye. But then again that was from a man who while listening to a tape sent by his son-in-law Captain Charles Robb in Vietnam looked like this…


As opposed to Bush who while jokingly in search of the reason for his war…“Those weapons of mass destruction have got to be here somewhere”…looked like this


I guess it does make sense…never mind

4 thoughts on “Look us in the eye

  1. Who was he addressing?
    The people who really, deep down, support his megalomania.
    Where are they? Hmm
    OMG.. Has he no shame?

  2. Don’t forget Bush mocking Karla Faye Tucker before she was executed. There is something evil, tasteless, and wrong with that man, and has been for a long time.

  3. he rarely speeks from his ‘desk’ as it makes him look small as he really is.
    and when he speeks into the camera, sheeple can tell he is lying easier.
    it’s called serpentine. bob and weave while you decieve.

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