Your President Speaks!

Three disturbing sentences from this morning’s photo-op with Colombian President Alvaro Uribe.

Secondly, we had a discussion today about an important vote that our Congress must take, and that is a vote to confirm a free trade agreement with Colombia. This agreement is good for the United States. It’s good for job creators, farmers, workers. This agreement is good for Colombia. It’s good for job creators, and workers, and farmers.

3 thoughts on “Your President Speaks!

  1. My DVD player does that, too, sometimes, when the disk is dirty or damaged. Plays the same little chunk over and over, then skips a bit, then repeats itself… it’s annoying and vaguely disturbing.
    The other option, of course, is that Cheney’s remote control simply needs new batteries.

  2. …nothing to be disturbed about. That little receiver thingie in the small of his back picked up some sort of reverb loop from all of the media’s electronic equipment and he heard the same thing in his ear bud over again…
    Either that or his reader got lost and read the same line over by accident. That can happen if the light isn’t too good in that nearby closet…
    Nope, no problem here…

  3. “You Dems, always with the conspiracy theories! When Hilary had the body of Vince Foster moved to a park for his “suicide” I didn’t hear any Dems pointing out the inconsistency of the position of his head! He simple read the same sentence twice! You try and do that when the whole world is waiting to jump on every little tiny mistake. We don’t do the same things to you guys. We just ignore your simple mistakes.”
    –Republic Right-wing Crazy person who has a multi-million radio listening audience.

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