One In Three

ADoD task force reveals that one-third of Our Troops! suffer from traumatic brain injury or PTSD.

The military is putting already-strained troops at greater risk of mental health problems because of repeated deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, a Pentagon panel said Thursday in warning of an overburdened health system.

Issuing an urgent warning, the Defense Department’s Task Force on Mental Health chaired by Navy Surgeon General Donald Arthur said more than one-third of troops and veterans currently suffer from problems such as traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder.

With an escalating Iraq war, those numbers are expected to worsen, and current staffing and money for military health care won’t be able to meet the need, the group said in a preliminary report released Thursday.

“The system of care for psychological health that has evolved in recent decades is not sufficient to meet the needs of today’s forces and their beneficiaries, and will not be sufficient to meet the needs in the future,” the 14-member group says.

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  1. if I may be picky, there is a bit of difference between PTSD and traumatic brain injury. PTSD needs psychological help, TBI needs rehabilitation, accommodation, and physical therapy (and sometimes, psychological help).

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