US soldiers ask..

“What do you want us to accomplish over here? We aren’t hearing any
end state. We aren’t hearing it from the president, from the defense
secretary,” Sgt. 1st Class Michael Eaglin said in a room cluttered with
bunk beds, rucksacks and weapons at the Sadr City outpost. “We’re
working hard and the politicians are arguing. They don’t have bullets
flying over their heads. They aren’t on the front lines, and their
buddies aren’t dying,” he said, echoing the sentiments of a group of
soldiers around him.

“It’s almost like the Vietnam War. We don’t know where we’re going,” Spec. Adam Hamilton agreed.

Dick Morris answers

MORRIS: I think that withdrawal from Iraq — it obviously gives al
Qaeda a huge victory. Huge victory. On the other hand, if we stay in
Iraq, it gives them the opportunity to kill more Americans, which they
really like.

One of the things, though, that I think the antiwar crowd has not
considered is that, if we’re putting the Americans right within their
arms’ reach, they don’t have to come to Wall Street to kill Americans.
They don’t have to knock down the trade center. They can do it around
the corner, and convenience is a big factor when you’re a terrorist.

And on it goes…

6 thoughts on “Targets

  1. Good to see how Dick Morris supports the troops. Just like the administration.

  2. Good to see how Dick Morris supports the troops. Just like the administration.

  3. It’s like the aftermath of the Revolutionary War, when Americans went to England to continue terrorizing the English surrender monkeys.
    Or maybe it’s like the Mexicans who continue to infiltrate Spain and France to commit their terroristic acts against their former overlords.
    Or maybe it’s like all the Filipinos who enter the United States surreptitiously to attack the unwary American populace.
    Or maybe, they are all, like Dick “the Dick” Morris, just full of shit.

  4. Mr. Morris really has a good idea. If we can keep up a supply of Americans in Iraq for al Qaeda to kill, maybe they will be so content they won’t come back to America and kill all of us like they did on 9/11. The idea is so good, I’m sure there are at least hundreds of loyal American Republicans lined up to volunteer to be the targets in Iraq. We owe those brave Americans a salute. Now, on the count of ten, turn around, drop the trowsers and…

  5. Dumb Question: Terrorists are highly mobile and moved to Iraq when we went there. When terrorists have been arrested they have huge sums of cash.
    If they are that mobile, why don’t they buy a plane ticket to the US while we’re over in Iraq leaving the US defenseless???
    It just doesn’t make sense to me that the terrorists seeing our forces in Iraq would go to Iraq. Better to go to Europe or the USA while we’re tied up in Iraq. Then when our troops come home, that would be the time ot move to Iraq.

  6. You can’t even engage Morris’ remarks on grounds of logic, because they make no sense. On one hand, if we leave Al Qaeda wins, and if we stay, the terrorists are happy because we give them targets to hit. Doesn’t that sound like heads they win, tails we lose? Isn’t that the very definition of a quagmire?
    And this is supposed to be a serious commentator?

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