Your President Speaks!

Today, in Washington.

Like, Totally Dude

Three additional American brigades totally about 12,000 troops have taken up positions and are also conducting operations.

Sectarian Violence That Plague The Capital City

And what happens with increased presence, there’s increased confidence, and with increased confidence becomes increased information, information that forces can use to go after extremists, to bring down sectarian violence that plague the capital city of that country.

Once Has Sanctuary

We’re also seeing high levels of violence because our forces are entering areas where terrorists and militia once has sanctuary.

Gates Is In The House!

And last week, Secretary Rice attended an international meeting on Iraq and Egypt, and she briefed me and she briefed Secretary Gates — there he is right there.

There Is A Lot Of Opinions

You know, I meet with a lot of people on the subject of Iraq. And I should; there’s a lot of opinions on both sides of the aisle about this issue.

He’s Been Listening To Karl Rove Again

The interesting thing about the Iraq debate, by the way, is I don’t hear a lot of discussions about what happens if we fail. I hear a lot of discussions about maybe we can make good political progress based upon this issue, or let’s just make sure that we constantly achieve — make political hay based upon Iraq. I hear a lot of that.

He’s SO Creative

Let’s see here — Roger. Yes, Rog. I call him, “Rog.”

To Try Achieve To Get

One of the questions that many ask is, do we understand the Iranian issue well? Do we understand the consequences of Iran having a nuclear weapon, which it looks like they want to try achieve — to get.

Cocaine Is A Hell Of A Drug

I remind people — I reminded them that last fall, late fall — I had been one of these people that get endlessly polled — you know, these surveys and the pollsters calling people all the time, it looks like — and if they had asked my opinion, I’d have said, I disapprove of what was going on in Iraq. You could have put me down as part of the disapproval process — and, therefore, had put a plan in place that would more likely cause me to approve of what’s going on in Iraq. That’s why I made the decision I made.

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  1. With Reagan, it took decades for the powers that be to acknowledge that during much of his time in office, he had been afflicted by the effects of his age and by Alzheimer’s.
    With Bush, I wonder how long it will be before (or until) they officially let us know that he was a drug-addled moron?

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