Friday Quick Links

Baby Names: “Katrina” not quite as unpopular as “Adolph.” The President of American Name Society connects some big ass dots…“There must be some sort of (negative) threshold and Katrina must have crossed it.”

Awarded: A documentary, on Bush’s BFF in St. Bernard Parish– Rockey Vaccarella, won theHumanitarian Vision Special Achievement Award at the Newport Beach Film Festival. That Visionary Achievement–driving faux FEMA trailer to the White House where Prez thanks him for another great photo opportunity.

Michael Homan: Allstate will stop writing new home policies for California. Truly the Golden State to be pre-emptively spared the FULL Gulf Coast treatment.

Most sadistic reality game show ever: Jeffrey coins it. Must be Boffo–90 day run extended to 180.

To Do Today: Call CBS! They firedGen. John Batiste for ad they never bothered to watch.Think Progress has details and CBS contact link.