National Republikkkan Congressional Committee trolls can’t spell “borders”.

House Republicans are taking nothing for granted. Their leaders last month sent out a 28-page instruction kit laying out exactly what rank-and-file members have to do to reach the dinner’s multimillion-dollar goal. The kit includes a list of more than 225 companies, trade associations and lobbying firms that are proven benefactors of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), the House GOP’s campaign organization.

The document even tells lawmakers how they should phrase their telephone calls. A page with “suggested talking points for House Members” includes this: “Following a disappointing loss of our majorities in the House and Senate, we need to restore the faith of the American voters in us. We heard their message this past November that we need to re-commit our priorities for lower taxes, securing our boarders [sic], supporting our troops and fiscal responsibility.”

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  1. Are you sure that was a typo – wouldn’t “Boarders” be the people who are in bed with them????

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