Today On Holden’s Obsession With The Gaggle

Press Gaggle by Snott Stanzel 

Wait a minute, who the hell is “Snott Stanzel”? Where’s Pony Blow? Did Dana Peroxide have to go bail her husband out of jail again?

Turns out that Snott Stanzel is a 34-year-old Iowa State graduate who Pony Blow hired back in October. Hey, he has his own Windows Live Spaces page! He must be one of them hip members of Generation Next I’ve heard so much about.

Anyway, back to the Gaggle — where it seems Chimpy knows that everybody hates him now.

Q Is the President going to talk about Iraq today at all? And what does he think about all the controversy that’s been generated by the invitation for him to come here today?

MR. STANZEL: You know, the President understands that we live in a free society, and people have their many opinions on the important issue of bringing democracy and stability to Iraq. He knows that just about wherever he goes, he hears opinions both ways. The President will be focusing his remarks today on the importance of service, whether it’s through military service to your nation, whether it’s through being a teacher, or whether it’s volunteering in your local community. Those are all issues that he’ll discuss today, and that’s the focus of his remarks.

Q — on the war?

MR. STANZEL: I don’t expect that that will be a focus of his remarks, no.

The Question I Wish I Had Been Asked

Q Vice President Cheney is on the Stennis. He made a speech on the Stennis. What was the point of putting him in the Gulf?

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  1. The question I’d be asking: With the efforts by the White House to convince the Iraqi Legistature to skip, or at least curtail their summer vacation, where will Mr. Bush be, come August?

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