Buh-Bye Wolfie

The World Bank will decide Paul Wolfowitz’s fate Wednesday.

Documents circulating at the World Bank suggest that Paul D. Wolfowitz, the bank president, understood that his role in ordering a pay increase and promotion for his companion in 2005 might be seen as a conflict of interest but insisted on proceeding anyway, bank officials who are critics of Mr. Wolfowitz said Sunday.

The officials, speaking on the eve of a fateful week for Mr. Wolfowitz’s efforts to remain head of the bank, said testimony and notes that Xavier Coll, vice president of human resources, provided to a bank committee investigating the matter supported the charge that Mr. Wolfowitz was aware of engaging in favoritism. One said the documents were “devastating” to Mr. Wolfowitz’s case.


A former bank official, Ad Melkert, acknowledged that he told Mr. Wolfowitz to take care of a compensation package for Ms. Riza. But Mr. Melkert said that, contrary to what the bank president maintains, Mr. Wolfowitz went behind bank officials’ backs to arrange the terms of the promotion and salary increase, which was large, as Ms. Riza was transferred to the State Department.


A third accuser, Roberto Daniño, former general counsel at the bank and former prime minister of Peru, has also testified that Mr. Wolfowitz went behind his back on the Riza matter. Bank officials say that with Mr. Wolfowitz’s word pitted against these three officials, it would be hard for the bank board not to side with the accusers.

One of the bank officials who spoke Sunday said that one document appeared to suggest that Mr. Coll had told Mr. Melkert and Mr. Daniño that he was told by Mr. Wolfowitz not to tell them about the details of the compensation package for Ms. Riza.

Many bank officials have said that Mr. Wolfowitz was under pressure from Ms. Riza and her lawyers to resolve the matter quickly.

“Coll was in a very uncomfortable situation,” said a bank official who spoke Sunday. “For me, it is clear that Wolfowitz knew what he was doing, and that what he was doing was a violation of staff rules.”

5 thoughts on “Buh-Bye Wolfie

  1. Make him fry please, loudly and publicly, with lots of sizzling and popping noises!!
    I love how they try to hide behind the legalese, but when you just look at the simple facts, the bushites are just lying stealing no good fer nothin rat bastards not worth spittin on.

  2. But really doesn’t this make Wolfie more romantic? Can’t you just hear him singing, “What I did for love.”
    Or maybe “On the street where you live.”
    I have often walked on the street before, but my feet have always stayed on the concrete before…
    Wolfie knows that his woman really loves another, so the only way he can keep her in his life is to lavish her with gifts.
    She is really Audry Hepburn as Eliza Dolittle, in My Fair Lady.
    Wolfie is Freddie the rich boy who is in love with her, and can provide for her, but isn’t really the man Eliza is in love with.
    But who is the person she really loves? Dick Cheney!
    Dick Cheney as Henry Higgins! She is in love with Dick because he created both Wolfie and her.
    Want to see the ultimate scandal here? Look for the Dick Cheney connection.

  3. Sheesh, it’s getting to where architects of mass murder can’t find gainful sinecures anymore. It’s hard out there for a neo-con.

  4. Fox will give Wolfie a job. That network can’t resist collecting all the corrupt flotsam and jetsam of the Bush regime.

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