Stuck On Pony

There’s a new AP-Ipsos Poll out.

George Bush Job Approval
Approve: 35%
Disapprove 61%

Nancy Pelosi Job Approval
Approve: 45%
Disapprove 41%

When you break down Chimpy’s numbers they look even worse.

Strongly approve 17%
Somewhat 7%
Lean toward approval 11%
Still have mixed feelings %3
Lean toward disapproval 11%
Somewhat disapprove 6%
Strongly disapprove 44%
Not sure 1%

One thought on “Stuck On Pony

  1. The reason it’s 44% for strongly disapprove is because the poll doesn’t offer a more vehement category. I was polled on one of those, and when they asked my opinion about President Bush, I asked the poll-taker whether there wasn’t something like “Utterly Loathe and Despise,” and he said, “I’ll take that as ‘strongly disapprove.'”

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