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Gloves Come Off In George Bush Buttplug Rumpus

[T]wo US websites are about to unleash the lawyers in an unholy scrap over copyright on a rubber George Bush figurine which disgruntled Democrats can stick where the sun don’t shine.

Indeed, those among you who might think there’s a limited market for US presidential buttplugs are directed to TerrorSuspect.com and Celebritybuttplugs, both offering synthetic Dubyas for the discerning Friend of Dorothy and both claiming to be the inventor of the Texan poo-packer.

According to Celebritybuttplugs – manufacturer of the George W Tush – there’s already “enough competition in the anal effigy market from Dubya himself”, and the website has pledged to “kick the ass” of TerrorSuspect.com’s rival Bushplug. The latter declares that there “may not be room in this world for The Bushplug and George W Tush!” and ominously notes: “I’m not real sure what to do about this. I need to talk with the lawyers.”

We look forward with relish to the seemingly inevitable court case, in which highly-paid attorneys will make impassioned pleas for their clients’ rights to punt the Bush buttplug while the judge looks to find precedent in the now legendary “Tricky Dicky” clitoral stimulator patent spat of 1972.

2 thoughts on “Why Not Get A Head Start On Your Holiday Shopping?

  1. I dunno. The two models have dissimilar features; they should appeal to different buttplug audiences. I think the courts whould insist on expertise through experiance when it comes to the bush elf-ears and other such… frictive… design elements.

  2. funniest thing I have seen in ages… The Onion is being rendered redundant.

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