Wind That Shakes The Barley

Has anyone seen this yet? Is it amazing? Because I love Ken Loach’s ideas of what he does, and “Land and Freedom” is one of my favorite movies, one I watch over and over, but sometimes I think I find his films (“Riff-Raff,” for example) worthy because I feel like I should, not because they genuinely move me. But this story’s something I very much want to see his take on:

So tell me, if you’ve seen it, what you thought.


4 thoughts on “Wind That Shakes The Barley

  1. I feel silly saying this but I bailed out at the first torture scene with the brits torturing the irish guys. I had not read the reviews, just come to see it, and I didn’t realize it was ever going to get to something more interesting than “brits bad and irish lads good if somewhat dopey.” I would have liked to have stayed through to see it develop. In addition, though I am very, very good at accents I had a really hard time understanding anyone and even figuring out basic things like who was related to who(see why I feel silly? I swear its not like me).

  2. We saw it a couple of weeks ago. Pretty gritty stuff – you may want to avert your eyes during some of the torture scenes, but overall, an amazing piece of work. It’s a useful counterbalance to an earlier,(almost)equally compelling Michael Collins, (played to the hilt by Liam Neeson) as it portrays the position of “the other side” (i.e., the IRA) in those tumultuous days of the Irish Civil War following the declaration of Irish independence (the Anglo-Irish Treaty) in 1921.

  3. A friend and I planned on going to a matinee of this show on Friday, only to find it had ended on Thursday – so it’d on our dvds to rent list. We went and saw Away From Her instead which was very good albeit not uplifting given the topic – Julie Christie was excellent. Amai, I generally have a good ear as well but there are times that I think British (and Irish) films should come with english subtitles.

  4. It’s bad. Very bad. You think at the beginning it might get better, but it never does. I like Cillian Murphy but that will only get you so far with a movie like this. Save yourself $10 and 2 hours and watch something else.

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