Your President Speaksapalooza, Part II: Germany

Chimpy gave a series of interviews to representatives of the foreign press today in hopes of burnishing his image before he travels to the G8 meeting next week.

On to the interviews granted to the press from individual countries, starting with ZDF of Germany.

That’s Gets Us Off Oil

We’re driving a lot of our automobiles now with corn-based ethanol. That’s gets us off of oil, which is good for economic and national security, and it helps with the environment.

Poor Angela

And I think the key thing is for Angela and me to work closely together to have a — when we can in dealing with Russia.

Fuck Off, Angela!

I don’t need any help dealing with Vladimir Putin, and he doesn’t need any help dealing with me.

Who Are The “Some”?

And it’s — you know, some have suggested, well, there’s no need to have relations with Russia. Well, I strongly disagree with that. I think it’s important for the U.S. and Russia to have relations.

A Worthy Worthy

First of all, I had a decent relationship with Gerhard Schroeder. I never bore any — look, there was a difference on Iraq, obviously, it was a clear difference on Iraq. But that didn’t cause me to say, well, Germany isn’t worthy as a worthy ally.

2 thoughts on “Your President Speaksapalooza, Part II: Germany

  1. So now the Chimp is saying that a lot of our cars are driving on ethanol? Care to give me an update on how many gas stations offer E85?
    My fear is that now that the Chimp is the environmental president, he’s gonna introduce a lot of drivel which derails any real progress.

  2. Him and his mythical some people.
    I suddenly realize where Monica Goodling got that vagueness about who was doing what: it comes right from the top, doesn’t it? Bush is always talking about how “some people say” this straw dog or that, and so Monica just carried it over into her recollection of meetings: someone said this, and someone said that and that’s good enough for the President so she figured it was good enough for her.

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