Jackass on Line 12

Wow, is this guy reaching rock bottom and beginning to dig.

And you know, I don’t know what happens to people, that they assume after a while that you should just have to bow down and kiss their rings, but it’s particularly disturbing in journalism, the practice of which is aided immensely by the attitude that nobody deserves to have their ring kissed, and where nobody should be if what they’re interested in is ring-kissing.

So then there’s this asshole, ripping on journalism interns, kids, for being … young. How dare they. Good Lord, they’re working for free, probably, or more properly for what USA Today promises will be the “prestige” of being allowed inside that paper’s hallowed halls, allowed to mingle with Wilson and the like. Working for free, or definitely for not a lot of money, doing dirt jobs the regular reporters don’t want to do, and now along comes this dick, making fun of them for not knowing who he was and expecting … what, from his readership? Validation? Are all presumptive readers of USA Today so bitter and old we’re supposed to nod and say yeah, boy, do I ever feel like a slowly decaying, insecure, threatened fuckpuppet who looks over his shoulder in resentment and fear at the very mention of a 20-year-old? Boy, do I ever know what that’s like, pal? And how dare they remind him of their youth! Don’t they know their job is to make him feel better about himself?

I’m sure this piece is meant to be tongue-in-cheek and cutesy, but I’m sorry, I don’t have a sense of humor about somebody in his position picking on the lowest rung of the newsroom ladder. It’s meant to be snarky and funny but I remember being those 20-year-olds, and dealing with somebody’s constant “teasing” and seething resentment is no fucking picnic, especially not when all you’re trying to do is your job. Don’t pick on the smaller kid, it’s not nice, damn it.


8 thoughts on “Jackass on Line 12

  1. I really, really like your new format. The font and the color contrast are very nice looking and easy on the old eyes to read. Good job.

  2. Sweet Jeebus, it doesn’t get more pathetic than Wilson. Or more self-centered. Yeah, that 20-year-old intern was just *dying* to diss you by telling you she’s not old enough to drink. Dude, she doesn’t give a rat’s ass how old you are.
    That column just reeks of crotchety old man way past his prime. He’s like the faculty members I know who’ve been here *way* too long who pride themselves on never having used a *whiteboard*, let alone a computer. (True story–we have a building where in one classroom they installed a chalkboard instead of a whiteboard just for this one guy.)
    It’s a shame. These are smart, capable, experienced people. But they’re all just wasting oxygen, when they could actually still be contributing.
    And they look down their noses at *us*. Pah-thetic.

  3. You nailed this one exactly right. If Craig can hang in there a little bit longer, he won’t have to worry about those insufferable little whippersnappers since they will see the grim layoffs around the industry and decide to try some other occupation.

  4. I’m sure each of those interns read that piece and thought, “Lame. He could just write this piece of shit every year and change a few names. When are older people going to realize this ‘you weren’t even born when I…’ crap isn’t original anymore”
    (I never took a journamalism class, so I’m just guessing)
    Nice rant, A.
    Love the new crib.

  5. I hope you sent this to the guy. God knows he’ll sneer at you for writing at a blog, but the quacky little bastard should know that people are seeing through his bullshit…

  6. i was going to leave him a comment noting what a dickbag he sounded like, but it wasn’t worth the effort of registering. so, ditto to wally’s comment.
    – TCFKAWW11
    (The Commenter Formerly Known As WitchWay11)

  7. If the intern hadn’t been born yet when he started working at USA Today, it means that POS imitation of a newspaper has survived (IE: had readers) for more than 21 years.
    Yet another sign of the decline of western civilization.

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