Blogger Ethics Panel Alert

Those bloggers just have no standards at all:

The so-called Guardsmark Bill was inspired by the plight of security guards earning $11.50 an hour.

But on its way to approval by the legislature Wednesday, the bill was amended to advance the cause of workers in another industry, too – broadcasters, including celebrity news anchors.

Al Terzi, anchor of WFSB, Channel 3’s “Eyewitness News,” personally called a key legislator to urge the bill’s passage. Terzi’s WFSB colleagues Kevin Hogan and Susan Raff also lobbied for the bill, according to the legislator.

“Al Terzi called me,” said state Rep. Emil “Buddy” Altobello, D-Meriden, an original sponsor of the bill, which concerned only security guards. “To ask for some help on the bill.”

The bill, if signed by Gov. M. Jodi Rell, would limit employers’ ability to restrict when and where security guards and broadcasters subsequently work. Considering how many types of workers are subject to such restrictions – known as non-compete agreements – the outcome raises the question: How did the broadcasters win out?

Sometimes, all you have to do is ask.

“That’s how you work a bill,” said Altobello, a former coach of a high school golf team that included Terzi’s daughter. “Personal appeal is still the best way to get something accomplished under the gold dome.”

Stupidity of the day via Romensko.