Blog Triumphalism

You know, it stood to reason that most of the “We’re the new media! And we win everything! We get half! Of all of everything ever! With sprinkles on!” crapola coming from the Internet was coming from right-wing bloggers. In their minds, “taking down” Dan Rather (who last I heard still had the power to righteously stir some shit up) meant that as of tomorrow, all newspapers everywhere would shut their doors and we’d all get our news from The Corner and Pajamaline, who would be linking to … I don’t know,, Cal Thomas’s rantings about how Howard Dean shouldn’t be married to a Jewish chick, plus I was at RedState yesterday and they were stroking about having actually spoken to an Army spokesperson, like it’s hard to get the PR people on the phone or something, so in short, what Oliver has so nicely laid out for us all to see is not surprising in the least.

It is funny, though. Hee.


2 thoughts on “Blog Triumphalism

  1. Actually, it probably is pretty hard to get an army PR person on the phone these days – unless you’re from some wingnut outfit, that is.

  2. They love to talk about “Talking down Dan Rather.” Do they talk about the help that they got from the White House? Remember “Buckhead” Mr. Kerning font himself?
    Anyone bother to figure out what his connection to Republican’s dirty tricks group?
    Nah. Old news.

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