Your President Speaks!

Today, in Washington, at the National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast.

“Corazones” Means Hearts In Spanish — I Think He Wanted To Use Another Word

I’m pleased that two Senators who have got corazones grandes on the immigration bill are with us today — Senator Ted Kennedy and Senator Mel Martinez.

Yes, You Are Deeply Touched

I was deeply touched at the Coast Guard Academy, when I was sitting there as the Commander-in-Chief of a bunch of kids who just got bars on their shoulders, and the head of the class got up to speak, and he talked about his migrant grandfather; this Hispanic American started his speech to his classmates — because I was there, there was a lot of cameras, maybe the country — talking about his migrant grandfather.

One thought on “Your President Speaks!

  1. All right, smartypants, if you’re so multilingual, then what’s Spanish for “have got”? See, I stumped you right there.
    Actually, I can’t think of any word that you can use to replace “corazon” and have the sentence not still be gibberish.

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