Your President Speaks!

Yesterday, at the White House, with Israeli PM Olmert.

What You’re Seeing Now Will Be Played Out Over Time

Matt, what you’re seeing now in this part of the 21st century is going to be played out over time.

When Sentences Collide

And the challenge is, for those of us who believe there’s a — democracy can help yield the peace is to continue to move forward.

What We’ll Be Discussing About

And that’s what we’ll be discussing about today, how to do so.

Only One Palestinian Territory

The Prime Minister said he’s willing to have discussions with the forces of moderation in the Palestinian Territory, laying the groundwork for serious discussions. That’s — that is a statement that shows that the Prime Minister is willing to move with a — to promote an alternative vision.

Extremism Gets Around-Round, It Gets Around

You know, the world is going to be confronted with these choices: Are you willing to accept the fact that extremism is around and is willing to promote violence, or should we resist that?

Failure To Not Help

Extremists in the Middle East would be emboldened by the failure of those of us who live nice, comfortable existences not help those who are struggling for freedom.

The Question Of The Office-Bound

The fundamental question facing those of us who have offices, is do we have the determination and the will and the vision to present an alternative to these people, and I believe we do.

I Did Not Have Sexual Relations With That Man In Iran

And I fully understand the concerns of any Israeli when they hear the voice of the man in Iran saying, on the one hand, we want to acquire the technologies and know-how to build a — enrich uranium, which could then be converted into a nuclear weapon, and on the other hand, we want to destroy Israel.

In Isolation There’s Got A Consequence To It

We want people to see there’s — in isolation there’s got a consequence to it, that there’s a price that’s paid for this kind of intransigence and these threatening tones.

We Got Unanimity

But at least we got unanimity so far, speaking — at the U.N. Security Council — speaking pretty clearly that there will be consequences.

There Are Being Consequences

And there are being consequences, economic consequences beginning to affect the economy.

This Kind Of Conditions

Look, the Iranian people don’t need to live under this kind of conditions.

How Isolation Has Been Caused

And threatening the world has caused there to be isolation.

Making A Different Alternative

But, no, this group of people have made a different alternative, and now our job is to make sure that we continue to keep the pressure on.

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  1. What ever happened to the Republican insistence on everyone learning to speak English?

  2. You know, I’ve been reading these transcripts (which Holden so kindly provides) for years. I am astounded at the fact that anyone can listen to W with a straight face. This shit is straight-up gibberish.

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