Your President Speaks! Again!

Today, at theWhite House, after a meeting with President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda.

Because He Eats Beef? Because Chimpy Has Never Raised Cattle

Second time we have met here in the Oval Office, and I told the President that I remember distinctly his description of what life was like in Uganda, particularly when it comes to his raising cows; he’s a cattleman, and it gave us something to talk about.

What President Museveni Has Got

The President has got good advice and has got good judgment when it comes to issues like Somalia and the Sudan.

Get Moving Those Troops

And it’s important for the United Nations to get moving those troops into the Darfur region as quickly as possible.

What They Discussed About

And of course we discussed about the peace between — the agreement between south and north of Sudan, and our desire is to make sure we implement that agreement.

One thought on “Your President Speaks! Again!

  1. Sandia Blanca says:

    What they had in common was their occupations: President Museveni is a cattleman, and President Bush is a bullshitman.


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