A Quick Thank You

To everybody who came out and said hi yesterday at the Collge of DuPage. It was great meeting everybody and major thanks to the leadership program there for inviting me. There will be video at some point. Hopefully not of the point where I utterly lose my place in the speech and spend my “leadership” time going “uh, erm, what I mean is, damn it, where is that paragraph anyway?”

And if any of the student newspaper kids did wind up showing up later, I’ve been reading your work, and I could have design quibbles (always, with everything, including the NYT) but your writing’s right up there. Nice to see the next generation kicking some ass all over.


One thought on “A Quick Thank You

  1. Thank us?!?!? Thank you! It was a great presentation. You got high marks on the student feedback forms too. Anyone out there who might ever need a speaker, I highly recommend Athenae.

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