Teh Sexy Combover

The DC Madam snaresSam Donaldson; ABC News covers for him.

Big Head DC has independently confirmed that a phone number belonging to longtime ABC newsman Sam Donaldson appears within the escort records of Deborah Jeane Palfrey. Palfrey, who is better known as the “D.C. Madam,” owned the Washington-based Pamela Martin & Associates escort business for several years through 2006.


Big Head DC has determined that several media organizations, including ABC News – the employer of Donaldson – have long been holding information that indicates Donaldson’s number was listed within the records of the alleged “DC Madam.”

ABC News interviewed Palfrey last spring, and failed to uncover several prominent names on her list, including that of Sen. David Vitter. Sources indicate that ABC may have been withholding some information at least in part because their researchers had long ago discovered the Donaldson connection.

When ABC News was researching Palfrey’s story in April and May, they told her that they had found two prominent news anchors’ numbers in her phone records.

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  1. She has now said that the calls had nothing to do with prostitution.
    Do you really think SD has the gonads at his age, anyhow?
    He might have been pimping for her, but I seriously doubt he has any part of his body straight enough any more to have sex.

  2. ew… just ew…
    SD w/o his hair piece is bad enough to contemplate – but nekked… ew…

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