Belated Ferretblogging: Turkee Coma Edition

Between the turkey and the cognac, I was in no fit shape to post yesterday. Riot felt my pain:


5 thoughts on “Belated Ferretblogging: Turkee Coma Edition

  1. Uncle Smokes says:

    My…how limber!
    I now have a vision of trained ferrets in sparkling tights, bending and twisting and flipping and soaring above an enchanted audience–Cirque du Ferret!

  2. virgotex says:

    Well, get your rest – you know we’re depending on you for that BSG/Razor recap…

  3. pansypoo says:

    my ‘carnivores’ pretty much ignored the turkey. if it had been my childhood male, he woulda been in my face. GIMME

  4. liprap says:

    Sounds like one happy turkey day for ya! And you even had a performance artist acting out the effects, you lucky thing, you!

  5. TheaLogie says:

    OMG too cute.
    I like the soft lighting too: presumably friendlier to your Thanksgiving-dinner-post-mortem than a camera flash, but it also flatters Riot.

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