11 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging: Coffee Edition

  1. Thea, this is their natural state. A friend once described ferrets’ inner monologue as beginning “everything on the floor is MINE!”

  2. only thing my cats won’t ‘steal’ from a mug is coffee. water, cranberry juice, win, soda, they will stick their paw and get them some. sybil is always trying to bury coffee. ick poo!

  3. Adorable as always. But I feel compelled to finally comment on something I notice in all of your pictures of your ferrets, Athenae: that is that your house/floors are immaculate! Will you come over and clean my house? I’ll pay…
    Yeah, pansypoo, any cat I have ever had has tried to bury my coffee. They sniff and immediately start scraping the tabletop.

  4. Haven’t seen my cats burying my coffee, but I’m glad to see that pansy’s cats like cranberry juice. I get the diet ocean spray and when I take the cap off, one cat goes ape to get the cap and drink from it while the other cat gives me the “you fiend, you’re trying to poison me” look.
    Now please explain, one of my cats (and I can never catch which one) will drag my dirty socks out of the laundry room and drop them in the water. Unfortunately, the sock then wicks the water all over the floor.
    Now I’ve never thought of my dirty socks as a flavor enhancer. So what gives?

  5. Maple, if they’re anything like ferrets, it’s the smell they like. Stripe was a sock fiend in his time, as was Fox (Fox in Socks, indeed).
    mothra, it’s a trick of the light. With both beasties shedding like mofos right now, rest assured my house is anything but immaculate. I need a room-sized lint roller.

  6. Thanks Athenae. And it looks like Virgotex beat me to the punch of implying that the ferrets dry mop as they run around.

  7. Athenae,
    My mom had a beautiful little blonde cocker spaniel pup (I have seen photos) before I was born (well, several years before, in fact), and to “dust mop” the floors, she would take an old bath towel by one corner, spray the underside with IIRC pledge, and give the dog a “sleigh ride” all over the house (hardwood floors like yours). Both of them had fun, and the housework got done…
    so much better IMHO than a “swiffer sweeper”.

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