Your President Speaks! Again!

Today, in theRose Garden.

We’re Working On To Meet For The Needs

We discussed the priorities that we’re working on to meet for the needs of the American people; we’re talking about the business that remains on Capitol Hill.

There Is Four Other Countries

We have laid out a way forward — and I say “we” — there’s four other countries that have joined us; we’ve got what’s called the six-party talks.

The Kim Jong-Il

And the five of us agree that there’s a way forward for the — Kim Jong-il, and an important step is a full declaration of programs, materials that may have been developed to create weapons, as well as the proliferation activities of the regime.

Because Bush Cabinet Members Are Poor And Journalists Are Rich

I had a — well, I’ve got freezing Cabinet members out here. They’re whispering; you can’t hear their whispers. I can just feel their vibe saying, I’m envious, they’re all wearing these expensive coats, and here we are.