Friday Ferretblogging: I Has Reindeer


10 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging: I Has Reindeer

  1. OMG CUTE WTF WOW!!!!11!~!!!

  2. Still using the staple gun to put the antlers on?

  3. Athenae says:

    spork, that’s awful. I told you, nothing but GLUE GUNS for our ferrets.
    (seriously, it’s a strap that fastens under his chin)

  4. virgotex says:

    you are going to hell for this, you know

  5. Athenae says:

    Yeah, but I’ve already got reserved seating there for other stuff, so I figured, whatever …

  6. pie says:

    It’s the cutest little reindeer ferret I’ve ever seen!
    (The things we do to our pets…)

  7. pansypoo says:

    why do you hate your ferret?

  8. scout says:

    Ahh the annual ferret reindeer pic…I LOVE it.

  9. VictoriaB says:

    Riot (or iz that Puck?) haz cute pink nosie. Smooch!
    Peace, V.

  10. mdhatter says:

    He can haz revenge!

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