Take That

Youmay recall Levees.org was forced to remove a YouTube video, which NOLA high school students made, after the organization was threatened with a lawsuit.

I lovethis…the video is back up:

Levees.org on Friday reposted to YouTube a satirical video filmed by
high school students that is critical of the relationship between the
American Society of Civil Engineers and the Army Corps of Engineers,
after the group was promised free representation by two local law firms
in the event it is sued.

“We have something to say today to the president of the American
Society of Civil Engineers,” said Levees.org President Sandy Rosenthal
during a news conference in a restored Lakeview home a few blocks from
the 17th Street Canal. “We reject your threats and we will not stop
publicizing our video.”
(my emphasis)

In a letter to ASCE general Counsel Thomas Smith III, one of the
attorneys for Levees.org warned that any lawsuit against the
organization might trigger Louisiana’s “Anti-SLAPP” statute, which
allows courts to weed out lawsuits designed to chill public
participation on matters of public significance.

Here is the video now available at YouTube…

7 thoughts on “Take That

  1. You know, somehow I wonder if every lawyer in NOLA who had their offices flooded out, lost files, lost income, couldn’t practice in NOLA because the courthouse was flooded, etc.
    I wonder if every single one wouldn’t love to file a suit against certain entities including ASCE, ACOE, etc.

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