Why isn’t the Gulf Coast on the campaign agenda?

FromFacing South

This Presidential Primary season, voters have listened to nearly a half
a million words from two dozen Presidential candidates in 25 debates.
Through 37 hours of ndiscussion, one major American crisis has
struggled to break into the debate.

Debate moderators have
avoided asking what each candidate as President will do to rebuild New
Orleans and the Gulf Coast, where communities are still fighting to
come back more than two years after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and the
levee failures. Critics claim that the future of Gulf Coast communities
and residents has not received adequate attention in the debates, given
its national importance. Analysis of the more than 1,000 pages of
transcripts from the debates reveals that discussion of Gulf Coast
rebuilding makes up a mere fraction of a percent of the dialogue during
the debates this election season.

The rebuilding of the Gulf Coast is still at issue but the conditions surrrounding the debacle are as well.Oyster at Your Right Hand thief points out the recent levee rupture in Nevada which has left 3500 people stranded. He quotes Joejoejoe…

This event highlights the need for a comprehensive US
infrastructure policy that is less about pork and more about
maintenance. Maybe this will get NV Sen. Harry Reid off his ass on NOLA
and Gulf Coast issues.

I would certainly like to know how the candidates plan to maintain our neglected infrastructure and improve disaster response. How would they turn around years of Congress’ use of the Army Corps of Engineers as their personnal pig trough? What would they do to improve FEMA or the Stafford Act? These are important questions on relevant issues of today not just to the Gulf Coast but our safety within the nation at large. We ignore them at our peril. I’d like to hear some debate on that…

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  1. I am deeply troubled by the total lack of attention this has been given by most of the democratic field for the primaries. As much as any other issue, the shape of the future government response likely lays with one of these candidtates, and it should be a huge part of their campaign. It will be a huge part of their responsibility as president.

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