“John Wayne dude” retiring, Says US hasn’t learned Katrina lessons…


…and those who think the folks of NOLA and MS are stupid…well right back at ya:

FOREST PARK, GA. — The gruff, cigar-chomping general who led
federal troops in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina is convinced that
the United States hasn’t learned its lesson from the storm.

As Lt. Gen. Russel Honore prepares to retire from the Army and hand
over his command Friday, he says he wants to spend the rest of his life
creating a “culture of preparedness” to prevent another post-disaster

“There’s an attitude everywhere else that people are smarter than they
are in New Orleans and in Mississippi. They’re not,” Honore, 60, said
at his office at Fort Gillem outside Atlanta. “What happened in New
Orleans could have happened anywhere on the eastern seaboard.”
(my emphasis)

4 thoughts on ““John Wayne dude” retiring, Says US hasn’t learned Katrina lessons…

  1. Amen to it can happen anywhere.
    Just wish he gave more details on what he means by “culture of preparedness”.

  2. IF he’s as smart as I think he is, he won’t touch a GoPuke White House gig with a 10-foot RPG backblast.
    Dude knows his stuff. If he can sell it somewhere he’ll be listened to, he can do a lot of good for the populace.

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