Roger Ebert

Maybe the only man who understands the ongoing media crisis:

Readers of the Chicago Sun-Times picked up a smaller paper Tuesday, the latest tangible sign of the economic struggles engaging metropolitan newspapers around the country.

The tabloid’s physical shrinkage, by about 1 inch to save newsprint costs, is more easily accomplished than the pending staff cuts that will pare editorial positions by 19 percent, the largest local newsroom layoff in recent memory.


Sun-Times Media also has been harmed financially by huge costs associated with the scandal and subsequent fraud convictions of former Chairman and Chief Executive Conrad Black and former Sun-Times Publisher David Radler.

Movie critic Roger Ebert captured the mood in an e-mail response to a Tribune inquiry late last week.

“I hope everyone who is a victim of this triage receives handwritten apologies from Conrad Black and David Radler,” Ebert wrote.


5 thoughts on “Roger Ebert

  1. Ebert can dream on — Conrad Black never apologises for anything, no matter how egregious. Heis the guy who said that liberal-leaning economics journalist Linda McQuaig should be “horsewhipped on national television,” after all. Think Linda McQuaig got an apology for that?
    I amso glad he’s not a Canadian citizen anymore, and that when it was suddenlyconveeeenient for him to be one again, the government told him to eff off…

  2. I think Mssr. Black is writing a second volume of hagiography of Nixon, instead.

  3. bartkid, please tell me Black isn’t gonna follow up with another 1,100+ pages of drool over Tricky Dick’s corpse!
    I learned of his current tome only this weekend and despair of the megatons of wasted trees if he attempts another “doorstop of a book,” as theWaPo review on Sun., Jan. 6 put it.

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