Today on Athenae’s Obsession with the Freepi: McCain/Lobbyist Meltdown!

They’re stunned. If you hadn’t nailed them to the perch:

Bye bye McCain, this is the bombshell that will destroy McCain, it is allover for the GOP this election, the only question is will it be Hillary or Obama now the McCain is 100% finished…

Yes, now John McCain will see, I hope, that the news media is NOT his friend.

Did he think the dems wouldn’lt use this against him? He’s dreaming. The liberal press puts him out there as the only candidate who can win, then discredit him so that obama and hillary can have a clear field…

So that’s the FLAILBOAT edition. Then you have the defenders, who go right to the “but Obama had gay sex with hookers while high on coke” place:

Obama…gay sex and drugs in limo…

Hillary…relationship with Huma and Hubbel…

McCain…likes to pretend he’s 25…

Oh, and Hillary’s a lesbian, too. It’s just one big orgy in the biggest closet in the whole world.

Fortunately, there are people who throw the ice-cold water of “who ELSE you gonna vote for, chump?” on the whole business:

Why should this destroy McCain? After all if true it is his private life. Isn’t this what we were told in regard to the bent one? It is his business not ours. Slimes are in the sewer again along with the scum at msnbc. We will be better off with McCain rather than the two empty suits that the democrats have out there.

But we’ll all be okay once Mitt gets back in it:

McCain must now step aside, and Romney needs to get back in. Romney endorsed McCain and sent him his delegates. Now McCain must return the favor. For the good of the party.


4 thoughts on “Today on Athenae’s Obsession with the Freepi: McCain/Lobbyist Meltdown!

  1. Bless ya A. Did no one mention that he did favors for the lobbyist/girlfriend . Talk about pimping/ hoing for ones personal and professional benefit.

  2. That’s the rub — she qualifies as (some weird) media definition of “hot,” so naturally that’s where they’ll go.
    Never mind that McCain’s sainted straight talk is now in the toilet because he’s obviously a lobbyists’ patsy.

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