Columnwhoring: DEMOCRATS!

Like a big rocking thing:

Foster won the Republican stronghold despite the speaker’s history and the weight of John McCain’s endorsement of Foster’s opponent, Republican Jim Oberweis. He won it with the backing of Barack Obama, who did a TV ad for him, and by running strongly against President Bush.

It was a shocking upset, but I really should have noticed the sea change Feb. 5, when I showed up to vote in the Illinois primary and there was electioneering going on near my precinct. Nobody in the history of elections has given a damn about my precinct; my Congressman wins his primary and the general election every time in a walk, and it’s about that way for every other race, too. Voting takes a couple of minutes at most, and I usually end up hanging out to yak with the poll workers because they’re just so completely bored.

This time, though? A line. Not out the door, not quite, but I actually had to wait a few minutes to get my ballot. And outside, three separate campaign volunteers had pressed literature into my hands. The precinct workers didn’t even have time to say hello. It was bizarre, like dropping into an alternate universe.


4 thoughts on “Columnwhoring: DEMOCRATS!

  1. the numbers were way up at my polling place middle of the day. and several people there voting. it felt like 92′.

  2. The beauty part is that Foster was sworn in time to be the deciding vote that allowed the new independent ethics setup. Without his vote, it might not have happened.
    Every little bit helps. Elect Foster, and have the R party trying six or seven times with their hair on fire to adjourn the Congress, and then hand them a big loss–a loss which will take a couple of Dems here and there, but which will be permanent trouble for the bullies branded with the crooked R.
    I can’t wait for him to lecture them on the science.

  3. Amen, Paul, amen. The ethics bill was huge. The Rethugs loves them those “symbolic” votes that they can hang around the necks of their Democratic opponents come election time. Hang their votes against this ethics bill right around their necks. Use that quote about “If you have an ounce of self-preservation, you’ll vote against this…” Hee!
    Thank you, Representative Foster.

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