Your President Speaks! AGAIN!

Yesterday, at theWhite House, during a presser with British PM Gordon Brown.

I’m Been A Pleasure

I’m — been a pleasure to welcome a good friend to the Oval Office, and had a good discussion.

Fired Under Courage

Most thankful for the brilliance of the British helicopter crews that fired under courage and helped evacuate wounded Iraqi soldiers.

That Which I Feel

And I appreciate the fact that he went to the United Nations and made it abundantly clear that which I feel, as well, which is, you can’t have elections unless you’re willing to put the results out.

You Not Let The Will Of The People

What kind of election is it if you not let the will of the people be known?

Yes, It Would

And then of course we spent time on our economy — ies. That would be two economies.

He Has Got The McCain Family Cookbook

And I’m — Laura and I are going to cook you up a meal.

No Country For Old al Qaeda

Success in Iraq will be a significant blow to both al Qaeda and Iran’s ambitions. And it’s worth it, in my judgment, to succeed against al Qaeda, the very country — the very group of people that attacked our country, and those who would like to do so again, even on a more massive scale.

Success = Victory + Success

And so, so long as I’m the President, my measure of success is victory and success.

The Global War On Articles Continues

And it’s been effective — effective program.


And, you know, to say that, well, okay, it’s okay to let them learn to enrich — and assume that that program and knowledge couldn’t be transferred to a program, a military program, is, in my judgment, naive.

Is All Aiming

And that is why the United States, in working with Britain and France and Germany and the United Nations Security Council, is all aiming to say to the Iranians: Verifiably suspend your program and there’s a better way forward for you.

What We Got

We got a great relationship.

Cerebral Vortex

So it’s — our relationship is very special and it’s — I’m confident future Presidents will keep it that way.

If There Wasn’t

Look, if there wasn’t a personal relationship I wouldn’t be inviting the man to a nice hamburger.

Appreciate Needs No Subject

Appreciate our special relationship with Britain, and I believe that the actions we’ve taken are making it stronger. We spent time talking about the terrorists and extremists.

Appreciate the fact that the Prime Minister briefed me on what the British commanders are saying about Iraq.

Appreciate the 7,900 British troops that are serving bravely in that country.

Appreciate the fact that some in the region have spoken out against violence.