A Your President Speaks Trifecta!

Yesterday, in New Orleans:

During a photo-op withMexican President Felipe Calderon

Is He Talking To Jenna Here?

I appreciate the fact that you inherited a very difficult situation. One, you inherited the high demand for drugs in the United States.


We need to do — continue our initiative that we started with — during your administration, Mr. President, on dealing with arms trafficking — arms from the United States into Mexico.

Cerebral Vortex

My hope, of course, is they fully fund the program, and they fund it — a strategy that will be effective.

A photo-op withCanadian PM Stephen Harper

If There Is Any Issues

I’m always interested in making sure that, if there’s any bilateral tensions or bilateral issues, that I know of them, so that we can work collaboratively to deal with them.

The Borders Were Being Able To Flow

And in the past, one such issue was whether or not our people could travel back and forth between our respective countries in a way that didn’t inconvenience them, or the borders were — being able to flow smoothly so it didn’t inconvenience trade.

And at aUS Chamber Of Commerce Reception where he made acomplete fool of himself.

The Face Of The Teachers

But there’s a lot of hope in this city. I mean, you can see it in the face of the teachers.