Haters Get Mad Cuz I Got Me Some John McCain

Something stirs within the Freepi:

By now, most McCain haters will have already skipped down to the comments section to post their expletives and tell me how it’s a free country and they have a 1st Amendment right, etc. to yammer on and on about how bad McCain sucks, totally missing the point of my post, again. But I’m here to tell you, in this free country, that in my opinion, you should SHUT YOUR STINKIN TRAP! To all you ingrates, rageaholics, and self-absorbed punks, WE KNOW YOU HATE MCCAIN. You can give yourself a rest now and stop posting on every single thread the same exact comments. I’m not going to name names, but I will if I have to. I think we all know by now who I’m talking about. The folks who post the same pictures and the same comments on EVERY SINGLE THREAD. We got it. You aren’t voting for McCain. Fine. Time to move on. Yes, that’s my opinion. You have had enough time to accept the reality that John Sidney McCain III, WAR HERO, is the Republican nominee. Some folks on FR have used this time to learn more about Johnny, realize that he isn’t as bad as they thought, grow up, act like adults, and get in gear to vote for him. Some of you have decided not only to beat your collective dead horse everyday, banging out the same tiresome gripes about McCain on every thread, but you’ve also gotten increasingly VITRIOLIC. I

But soft! What light through yonder window breaks?
It is the east, and the Freepi are fucking dumb:

Just one more anti free speech pro McCain groin leech.

Who the hell do you think you are? You sound like some kind of book-burning, speech muzzling Fascist!

Might I suggest you ‘Shut your stinking trap’.

I would normally recommend fireproof panties for a post like this, but you’re going to need the entire suit I think.

LOL! I didn’t know McCain’s campaign manager posted here?

Is your real name Alanis Morrisette?

You’re a dirty rotten COMMUNIST!

I would never wish death or illness on anyone, not even a Democrat.

However, if McCain were to have a complete, Queeg-on-the-witness-stand meltdown in front of the cameras, causing him to have to step down from his candidacy or the Presidency, I’d buy a round for the house.

Also, when did we start calling him Johnny?


7 thoughts on “Haters Get Mad Cuz I Got Me Some John McCain

  1. why are you a hero cause you didn’t die? and way to go standing up to t’orture georgee’. yeah yeah, wasn’t a total jerk in nam.

  2. Mdhatter, I’m more suprised at how he didn’t jump at the chance to co-sign legislation that has 50 other Senate co-signers to update the GIBill, seeing as how he is ALSO a GI. But he said it all after he voted to stop torture, that he hoped the President vetoed the legislation, since the CIA should have torture as a part of it’s arsenal
    . FUCKING Hypocrite!
    And let me promise, here and now, that when the “New Nuremberg Trials” occur every last damned one of them will face the war crimes tribunals, every last damned one of them will be found guilty of aiding and abetting Crimes Against Humanity. And yes, many Bush apologists, many Bush propagandists and many Bush enablers, including Democrats, will face trial. And they will all be convicted.
    The reason these trials will be able to proceed? The US is no longer the sole Super-Power in the world.(*Irony Alert: Bush and Cheney only attacked Iraq because they thought we were the ONLY Super-Power.”) And the world will exact it’s vengeance for our 50 years of Empire.

  3. Dee, there won’t be ‘new nuremburg trials’. I don’t want to be mean, but there is no plausible way it could ever happen. The change needed in world govenrments, and the chaos that would follow that change dwarf the Iraq War, and would make those crimes pale in comparison.
    We just need to remember, and destroy their legacy.
    Let history forget them.

  4. Being a war hero is not the or a qualification for being President of the United States. If it were, we should be ashamed for not yet having elected a winner of the Congressional Medal of Honor, & maybe elected all the hero dead to some office such as Vice President.

  5. u guys should shut up john mccaann is the best so get off your butts and lear that he his better then oback and hilerly if they died i wouldbuy xbox 360s for everyone in the usa.

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