Doan’s Slings and Arrows

GovExec reports “in the end, it wasn’t an investigation into potential Hatch Act violations” which brought down GSA Chief Lurita Doan. Rather it came “as a result of her ongoing and public feud with her agency’s inspector general, Brian Miller.”

Multiple government sources, including Doan herself, indicated toGovernment Executive
that her ouster was the result of the dispute with Miller, which
deepened during the past several weeks after the IG was cleared in a
pair of whistleblower probes. The recent flare-up may have been the
final straw after Doan had survived a series of earlier probes of
alleged misconduct on her part.

But there was also this…

Doan’s unconventional tactics were on display last Wednesday at a
GSA conference in Anaheim, Calif. At a dinner sponsored by a contractor
trade group, she appeared on stage with arrows sticking out of her
head, shoulders, arms and legs
according to atranscript of the speech
posted on GSA’s Web site. Using the arrows to illustrate her challenges
at GSA, Doan said she had been taking shots from the media, Congress
and those who represented the “status quo.” (my emphasis)

While neither GSA nor
the White House would provide a reason for Doan’s dismissal, her
uncensored public statements and involvement in the Miller case had
clearly become a distraction.

Well I had to check that out and so here fromthat transcript is Doan’s opening:


(Lurita has arrows sticking out of her head, shoulders, arms and legs.)

Let me just say: Making innovative changes to tired programs is not easy … you have to expect taking some shots.

Just look at me! 

If nothing else, you should know that your GSA Administrator has
been in the fight, has been pushing reforms, encouraging innovation,
and has ventured out into hostile territory.

Take a look!

(Lurita removes arrow number one.)

This one is from someone named status quo … status quo says, “GSA
should never try to improve government programs. How dare we
question? How dare we even try? Keep everything the same, don’t rock
the boat … this is how it’s always been done.”

But me, I’m a contrarian: I have a different idea.

(Lurita removes arrow two.)

This is from the entrenched.  entrenched says, “it’s a fine idea,
but we just need to move a bit more slowly; let’s not be too hasty.
Perhaps we need to commission a study before we continue?”

But me, I’m a contrarian: I believe the opposite. I know that
nothing happens until you commit to it, and I know that fiercely
committed people can achieve great things.

(Lurita removes arrow three.)

This one is from the press who say: “I’ve been covering this issue
for some time. I’m the only one who really understands the issue. You
need to consult me, listen to my recommendations.”

But me, I’m a contrarian: I say, hmmmmm sounds great, count me out!

(Lurita removes arrow number five.)

This is from some of the folks on the Hill: why is it that they always aim so low?

This is from folks called, “there’s only 9 months left.” These
folks are the ones who say: “What do they think they can do; there’s
so little time left. Too late now to start anything new; too late now
to finish previously begun initiatives.”

But me, I say…ouch!

Ai Yi Yi…Generally speaking I’ve always thought one should avoid using arrows in one’s act unless you’re this guy: