Race Card

Obligatory disclaimer about being the whitest white girl in the history of whiteness goes here.

Shark-Fu on the race card:

When I call a person out for an ig’nant race-baiting comment that action is not ‘playing the race card’…it’s calling a person out for an ig’nant race-baiting comment.

If that person is uncomfortable with that shit a bitch suggests that they get in touch with their inner asshole, because this bitch has had enough of motherfuckers whining and keening about that mythical race card every time they get corrected for deliberate verbal malfunctions designed to rouse prejudices they themselves have spent a lifetime concealing behind a mask of tolerance.

My race is not a card to be played anymore than claiming someone played the race card on you is a defense for dismissing a candidate’s political success as a product of their race.

I am not a player of the race card.

I am the wage that should be equal…the privacy that ought to be honored…the violence that will not be tolerated…the hair you’d better not touch…the reality that debunks the stereotype…the fierceness that keeps ig’nant motherfuckers awake at night…the anger that will not be ignored and the worthiness that will not be denied.

Her point struck me because this has been an election season dedicated to dismissing voters’ motivations, all over the map. White people voted for Clinton because she was white, and therefore her votes didn’t really count unless she could get them from black voters. Women voted for Clinton because the Hive Vagina told them to, and therefore she needed more men. Black voters were drawn to Obama because they held up pictures and looked in the mirror and said, “Hey, we match!” Obama could only draw the college-educated and those votes didn’t really count, anyway, because who else could they be expected to vote for?

Hell, evangelicals voted for Huckabee because he had them under his Jesus Spell, and unless he could attract atheists or something, his votes didn’t matter. John McCain needed more conservatives, because his casual Republican votes wouldn’t do it for him in the general, he needed the base.

One after another, all of us were wrong, all of us were silly, all of us were superficial. None of us were sincere in anything. And so whatever our reasons, whatever our grievances or complaints, we could be dismissed, like children, on the basis of our race or sex or religion, until we started to wonder who did count, in the end. And the race card, like the “lifestyle” characterization (another one I love, like, you have a life and my friends have a lifestyle, fuck you, you patronizing kitchen appliance), is just one more way of making somebody else small, making their concerns worth less, making whatever it is they’re saying illegitimate and silly and opportunistic and wrong.


4 thoughts on “Race Card

  1. I thought I was the whitest white girl in the history of whiteness. Thanks. I’ll gladly cede the spot if you want it that badly. 😉
    On the other hand, I have to confess that, all else being politically equal, I’d vote for someone in a wheelchair over the able-bodied candidate(s), likely because I figure s/he wouldget it in relation to a whole whack of things I care about. Is that shallow and venal?

  2. You’ll notice, too, we had no “rural white voters” until Pennsylvania. At which point, apparently, it became okay to talk about white voters who won’t vote for Obama because, you know…he’s not “white.”
    And everyone who lives outside a city is white, by the way. We have to keep that straight, too.
    I can’t keep up anymore…

  3. You know, I was thinking this past week: what would have happened if no reporter anywhere even breathed a word about Obama being black or Hillary being a woman. Just simply reported on their positions on certain issues, but never breathed the words “black,” “race,” “white,” “gender.” What kind of difference would that make? (Huge, I know) It just makes me sad, it really does. It’s like the media WANTS to fan flames of division because they can’t figure out any other way to report on an election.

  4. Mothra, they want to fan the flames to damage the Democratic party. And it will. We’ll lose votes in Penn, and maybe a state or two in the south we would have won, if we we nominate Obama. Hillary will face some massive defections in the black vote if she’s the nominee. That was always the plan, and that was always the danger of this.
    It’s still really hard to ignore what ‘electability’ really seems to mean in the eyes of the Clinton campaign. That isn’t about ‘voters’, it’s about what some voters will perceive the motive of SD’s to be if they pick Hillary without her being ahead by some kind of metric. Nothing scares black folks more than feeling like they played by all the rules, won the game, and then had a white-elite change everything around on them at the last minute. That won’t just damage the party for one election, it will damage the entire black community’s conception of what the Democratic party really is. The claims by Bill Clinton and several other supporters that the ‘race card’ was played on them feeds strongly into that.

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