Your President Speaks!

Yesterday, at theWhite House.

The Global War On Plurals Continues

What they should do is allow for the construction of refinery and for environmentally friendly domestic exploration.

If The Truth Of The Matter

And if the truth of the matter is Congress were that concerned about the consumers, they ought to make sure that they make the tax relief we passed a permanent part of the tax code.

What You Got To Recognize

If you’re worried about the economy, then you got to recognize that opening markets for U.S. goods and services will help strengthen the economy.

4 thoughts on “Your President Speaks!

  1. Based on a TV schtick last night. May I recommend that a survey be done comparing the importance of stupid sayings from the Rev Wright to the importance of stupid sayings from the Chimp?

  2. RE the “What you got to recognize”, could anyone explain to me how the $600 tax rebate, spent on imported products from Walmart and big screen TVs, and higher Gasoline prices, is going to spur the economy?

  3. “environmentally friendly domestic exploration” – yeah, that would be pretty much impossible you nitwit-in-chief!!! However, if we could use pure ignorant stupidity as a source of fuel for our cars – there’s quite the unlimited and ever-renewing supply in the rethuglican party.
    As for the economy??? I’ll show him! I will be spending some of my Chinese-bank-backed stimulus $$$ to join the New Orleans Food Co-op! (and I don’t even live there…yet) Two pleasures in one, spending money on something good and helping New Orleans!
    If y’all get a chance check the New Orleans Food Co-op out, join or donate – they have a goal for this fall. (number escapes me at the moment) They are bringing affordable AND healthy (for people and planet) foods to the people of New Orleans. 🙂

  4. How the mighty have fallen. Seems to me that Bush is now being reduced to making bird calls, namely the Lesser Lame Duck. If his was a vaudville act, the audience would be clamoring, “Get the hook.” My sincere wish is that the American public never again lowers the bar so low in electing a President.

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