Speaking of People I Plan to Refer to My Excellent Psychiatrist

Mike Huckabee’s MySpace friends!

(Warning: It plays Journey. Yes, of course it does. Don’t act like you’re surprised.)

I beleive that in much the same way that God commanded Moses to climb Mt Sinai, Mike is likewise destined to receive a similar climbing assignment (so to speak) of his own. I beleive that it’s more a matter of “when” than “if.”

I’m glad he added that “so to speak,” lest Huckabee read this and set off on an international trek.

The only way I’m voting for McCain is if your on the tickit!!!!!!!!


Huckabee!! The conservative corner of my AP Gov class is devastated that we can’t vote for you in the election. you should make an appearance in Simi Valley CA It would be awesome if you could come out to our school.

So many Ridgemont High jokes, so little time …

Thanks for the autographs

*sings* “Even though they weren’t so great …”

Sir, the numbers speek for themselves.
We still need you!!!

I’m going back to bed.