14 thoughts on “Flush

  1. a check? i doubt i will get one. AGAIN. i’m tooo poor. we don’t count. even tho we are the most likely to spend it and NEED it.

  2. Paying off this winter’s medical bills – it’ll be about $100 shy but I’ll take what I can get.

  3. I thought I was getting my last week but because I used turbo tax and had the fee taken out of the return, I am going to get a freaking paper check. next month.
    So that’s what I’m doing: bitching about it.
    (ahhh that felt better)

  4. Paid overdue bills, like everyone else, but with remaining funds I was able to get a Jazzfest ticket ($50) and also made a donation to local public TV in order to get a ticket to see a friend of mine who was being honored as a “Louisiana Legend,” Tony Kushner…it was worth it.

  5. The day mine hit my bank account it was off to VISA. I thought the whole point of this was to transfer tax dollars to VISA??

  6. Yeah, paying off credit card debt. Maybe sending off a small contribution to the Obama campaign, which I haven’t been able to do yet.

  7. Tony’s originally from Lake Charles. For several years he was an instructor–and a really, really good one–at a summer “gifted and talented” program for high school students that was run out of McNeese University. I was lucky enough to be a student at that time.

  8. I’ve decided to spend locally and put mine towards something that will please me and be a good thing: it’ll go towards fixing the body damage to my car that some &&**(( put on it in the parking lot.

  9. I’m not getting one. Somehow they think I’m too rich to need an economic stimulus.

  10. We made too much last year to get a check. This year we would have gotten one, but last year we had a windfall that tipped us over the top of the pay scale. That’s fine, people less fortunate than us DO need it and we are glad they are getting it.
    If we got one, we’d donate it to a animal rescue group.

  11. Finishing the dry-wall in the basement, sending the kids to summer music/baseball camps.

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