The Operative Phrase

The sensible moderate’s mantra:

Bush = good. Muslims = evil. The government is owed our unconditional support. It is our duty to defeat the false religions. It’s all sensible because I choose to believe it.I am very brave for saying so. One suspects these few self-evident truths can be repeated at very high volume for long, long periods of time, endurance extended beyond normal human limits by excising any vestigial doubt.

Emphasis mine.

I think if we weeded out all the things people said over the past years that were complete horseshit, only by identifying the long pause after they said something hateful, much like the space in the script where it says “wait for applause or gasps of amazement at your genius or exclamations of admiration for your courage,” we would excise perhaps two-thirds of all commentary ever from the public record.

I want to invent a time machine and go back and make these people’s daddies and mommies love them, to spare the rest of us the burden of having to make them feel better with thousands of dead bodies.


2 thoughts on “The Operative Phrase

  1. See, that’s a NICE use of a time machine.
    Help them get the love that they need. But then you will have to get their parent’s parents to give THEM the love they need so that they weren’t so terrible to the kids!
    Wouldn’t it just be easier to go back in time and get a better acting career for Ronald Reagan? Stop Lee Atwater’s parent’s and Karl Rove’s parents from mating?

  2. they just didn’t grow up with the right bible lesson. or maybe reading all the arch books kept me thinking about the best parts.

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