Your President Speaks!

Friday, during aninterview by Natasa Briski of POP TV, Slovenia.

What Slovenia Has Got

And my impressions of Slovenia — I’ve told this to a lot of people — first of all, it’s a beautiful country; probably somewhat undiscovered in America, but my fellow citizens ought to go and explore Slovenia because it’s not only — it’s got — you can ski, you can play golf

The United States And Europe Has Had Its Differences

And the United States and Europe has had its differences on certain issues, and — but we’ve always had the same common values.

A Different Type Of Arrangements

A lot of countries had come from a different style of government, a different type of security arrangements, to one in which free nations were bound together.


Hopefully, in terms of trade, that we’ll fight off protectionism and keep trade open.

There Is Some Disputes

I know there’s some trade disputes going on, but that shouldn’t prevent us from being active in terms of perpetuating free and fair trade.

Holy Crap!™

Yes, Iran — kind of the common threats will be on the agenda. For me — as you know, I’m a big believer in freedom.

What We Got To Do

And we got to, in my judgment, extend that same concept to the Middle East from which a lot of violence comes.

The Know-How As To Know…  How?

And obviously one of the problems that we face is preventing Iran from developing the know-how as to how to make a nuclear weapon.

Synaptic Strike

But, you know, I also want to emphasize that — but the United States — I personally feel very strongly about helping people realize the blessings of life by freeing them from HIV/AIDS, or malaria, or hunger.

What We Got

But the truth of the matter is, when you really look at — like, for example, our relations in the Far East, we got great relations with Japan, China and Korea — South Korea; or India, for example — we got new relations with India that no administration has ever — South America and Central America.

So Many People Wanting To Be Come

Otherwise, why would so many people wanting to be — come here, for example, which we welcome?

The Bubble

And so I don’t — I hear stuff like that, I just — I dismiss it as kind of like what happens when there’s kind of gossip and rumors and — because the truth of the matter is, America, just like many nations in Europe, stands for what’s right, which is decency, and freedom of speech, and freedom to worship.

I’m For Me!

I mean, they say, “We want change.” Of course — and I tell people every time I ran for politics I said, “We want change,” unless, of course, I was the incumbent, in which case I was not for change, I was for myself.

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  1. I was going to comment on his call for free trade (even though we tend to not want other countries to free trade in the USofA.)
    But then I see that he says that America stands for what is decent and right.
    Starting with hanging chads in Florida, through Gitmo, extraordinary rendition, Bombing Iraq to the stone ages…
    Strange definition of decent.

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