Your President Speaks!

Today, during a presser atBrdo Castle, Karnj, Slovenia.

What We Have Got

We’ve got a lot of relations with countries in our neighborhood.

We Have Travel

We talked about how to make sure we have travel in a way that comforts our societies.

To Helping Elevate Folks

The United States looks forward to working with EU nations to helping elevate folks from needless death.

The Global War On Articles Continues

It’s interesting, my first visit as U.S. President to Europe included a — my first stop in Slovenia. My last visit as U.S. President to Europe includes first stop in Slovenia.

There Is Going To Be Problems

Of course there is going to be problems and differences.

Where We Discuss Issues

But somehow they managed to forge a common position on a lot of key issues, and that’s where we discuss these issues.


And the reason why that’s important is that they learn to enrich, it means they’ve learned to — a key part of developing a nuclear weapon.


There’s a lot of urgencies when it comes to dealing with Iran, and the Israeli political folks — and if you go to Israel and listen carefully, you’ll hear that urgency in their voice, one of many urgencies.

I Had Been The Preznit

Secondly, I articulated a policy that I had been articulating ever since I had been the President.